About 100 Good Women

What We Do

One Hundred Good Women serves the community of Lawrence, Kansas by providing assistance to people in the community who are in need. We are not a social service agency, but a volunteer group that responds to short-term needs when the established social services have not yet been able to.

When we learn of a need in the community, we activate our phone and email trees to ask our members who can help out. The need may be as simple as providing blankets for a family who has none, or as complex as helping someone who needs rides to chemotherapy appointments in Kansas City.

Our members are under no obligation to respond to one of our requests. Whoever is able to help out does so. This is volunteerism without guilt.

We meet a couple of times a year for an enjoyable gathering.  We do not have regular meetings, committees, and membership requirements.

Our Mission

We promote well-being in our community through service, education and social connection.

Our Vision

One Hundred Good Women is a not-for-profit and non-political organization embodying the spirit of altruism. We believe service creates strong community.