Annual Gatherings

Books, clothes and chocolate!

One Hundred Good Women holds two annual events for our members. Since we don't schedule regular meetings, we plan an event each Fall and each Spring where we can take time to come face to face and enjoy each other's good cheer and vitality. The Gatherings also serve as fundraisers for One Hundred Good Women and a great time to renew your membership too!

And, yes, OF COURSE there's chocolate (and lots of good cheer).

Book Exchange and Chocolate Pot Luck

In Fall, we hold our Annual Book Exchange and Chocolate Pot Luck. We bring together all of our really cool books that we don't need any longer, along with our favorite chocolate concoction. Then we browse and buy new books for a buck a piece. We nibble chocolate, sip on wine, and leave with a happy heart and a sack full of good reads, just in time for winter hibernation.

Clothing Exchange

When Spring rolls around, we do a diva dive into our closets and pull out everything that we're tired of, or doesn't fit (or never did), or that we just need to clear out to gain a bit of breathing room (ahhhhh. . .). We take all of our "still wearable" treasures—clothing, jewelry, shoes, and such—and RACK EM UP! Then we shop, shop, shop. . .

Everything is a buck! You can't beat that for a new and exciting wardrobe for Spring. It's a blast. . . Snacks and beverages included.

All remaining items from our Annual Gatherings are collected and swept off for donations. (We can always use a hand with this part.)