Current Needs

Annual Holiday Adoptions is Past 

This year as I received our Holiday Families, I was especially humbled by the requests. Simple things like underwear, socks, pots and pans.  It all came through at what felt like the last second thanks to all of you!  Thank you a million gazillion times.

Our current needs continue to be grocery cards and gas cards, household goods for the newly housed from the shelters here in Lawrence, and always new toiletries for Willow and any toiletries for the Community Shelter on Hwy 10.  Look for newsletters asking about household goods occasionally throughout the year.

You can also make donations to our Paypal account on the Join/Renew/Donate page. Check the newsletter for more information about specific current requests.  

Want to help? Send us a message if you have something to donate, or mail monetary donations to 100 Good Women, PO Box 397, Lawrence, KS 66044. Or please follow the specific instructions listed with the requests below. We cannot currently hold onto donated items prior to a request, but please don't forget about us!  If you have furniture, let us know. We will try to match it up with someone who has already requested something.