Past Needs

All the requests listed here have been responded to.  Thank you to our wonderful members!

Fans Needed

6 August 2013

This is a simple but necessary request.  We need fans for cooling where there's no air conditioning.

We are working with a young woman who just needs a few fans.  She has no air conditioning...and we all know how miserable the end of a Kansas summer can be.  If you have a fan you are willing to donate, please contact Marilou.

As always, feel free to share this email request with anyone you would like.  We are also on Facebook (One Hundred Good Women) and on Twitter (100GoodWomenKS) for those that would like to share via social media.

Laptop Request

1 August 2013

This young woman just needs a laptop.  Here's her story, given to us from Willow Domestic Violence Center:

She has left her home, utilized shelter services, and acquired an at-home ["home" being used loosely] job with more hours and higher pay. She is working to save money to acquire a residence. Due to her at-home job, she requires access to a computer. She was previously using her abuser's computer, and now does not own her own. She has been utilizing free computer access via a coupon for a loan from Rent A Center, but that will expire soon. A laptop/computer would be a great asset to helping her continue her job and maintain independence from her dangerous situation.

If you have a laptop you can donate to this person, please contact Jennie ( or 785-380-7508).

Window AC Units

11 July 2013

We received a request from a young woman, 34 years old, on disability, who is starting over after her daughter was abused by her ex-husband.  She lives in an older home and has only one lung and that lung has been exposed to mold.  She desperately needs window air conditioning units.

If you can donate a unit that is in good working condition, please let Jennie know.

Thank you so very much! or 785-380-7508

Help for GED student

29 May 2013

We received a request from a man studying for his GED who needs supplies and some transportation help.  We have bus passes to give him, but he could use a flash drive, rewritable CDs, and a scientific calculator.  He would also like a Virgin mobile phone card of any amount so that he can make calls as he searches for a job.

If you can help with any of these things, contact Marilou (785-749-2229).

Baby gate needed

20 May 2013

The title says it all.  Do you have a baby gate you can donate to a single mom with a two-year old and another baby on the way?

If the answer is yes, please contact Jennie ( or 785-380-7508).

Two Recliners Needed

29 April 2013

We received a request from a woman who needs shoulder surgery. She has been advised that a recliner would be better for her than using her couch.  If you have a recliner that you would like to get rid of, please contact Jennie ( or 785-380-7508).

Please note: A recliner that uses a lever mechanism to come up would NOT be helpful.


Outdoor Play Equipment Wanted

20 April 2013

Hello!  We have a new request from a case worker with Lawrence/Douglas County Housing Authority:

I am working with a family who receive housing assistance and live on a low income. They are fixing up their backyard for their toddler to play in this summer. The mother is planting grass and putting a lot of labor into the backyard, and would really like some play equipment for her toddler.

If you have a swing set, sand box, or other outdoor equipment for a child, please contact Marilou ( or 785-749-2229).

Car repairs

5 April 2013

We received a request from someone asking for help in fixing her friend's car. The request was quite eloquent, so we are quoting some of the message here. This is long, but worth reading. We've changed the name of her friend for privacy. Any parts or offers to help or ideas for how to solve the problem are welcome.  If you can help out, please contact Jennie ( or 785-380-7508).

The car is a 1996 Honda Accord LX sedan which needs:

  1. Replacement wheel & tire.
  2. Head Gasket.
  3. Battery.
  4. Water pump.
  5. Thermostat.
  6. Oxygen sensor.
  7. Timing belt.
  8. Air in brake lines needs to be bled.
  9. Oil change & filter.
  10. Power steering fluid.
  11. Four All Season tires (used would be fine)

The request reads, in part, as follows:

Ms. X and I live in Babcock Place in Lawrence, where transportation for disabled people is very challenging. Spontaneous transportation is extremely difficult . . . and expensive. The Babcock Bus is not available nights or weekends (including Fridays). With $700 monthly income, [a simple taxi ride can be] . . . a shocking and stressful expense.

Ms. X's generosity with her friends & neighbors here has made her car more of a small community asset rather than a private possession. Together we can pitch in to buy the gas and access the periodic oil changes - and help with insurance costs.  And now Ms. X is threatened with losing it because it's not running, and nonfunctioning vehicles are not allowed in the Babcock parking lot. The lowest blow was when vandals came into the Babcock parking lot and stole her rear wheel (not just the tire - the entire wheel!) one night. . .

With that car functioning again, we could go to church and community functions, do volunteer work when health allows, maybe even catch a movie now & then (a far distant dream at present) . . . . Disabilities are difficult - but loss of personal transportation is equally bad, because it forces unnecessary confinement & expense - beyond the physical limitations of disability.

[I am] appealing not only behalf of Ms. X, but on behalf of the many folks here whom she helps - both directly and indirectly, including me. I asked her to get me a list of everything. . . . I was hoping that with your 500+ membership, there might perhaps be other sources with whom you network - people or businesses or funds or churches or whatever - which, in combination, might be able to piece together an overriding solution. I have access to a computer & internet, so if there is ANYthing I can do, I will do it! . . .


3 April 2013

New babies are on their way!  And we need 2 bassinets.  Do you have one - or two?  If so, and you're ready to donate them please contact Marilou ( or 785-749-2229).

Thanks so much!

Using Your Treadmill as a Clothes Hanger?

11 February 2013

We have a client who has been diagnosed with panic attacks with agoraphobia and is hopes that exercising at home will help her.  She is looking for a treadmill or an elliptical.  If you have one that is just gathering clothes and want to get rid of it, let Jennie know at or 785-380-7508.