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Do you know of a need in the community that would be a good match for 100 Good Women? Have an idea for a special project? You can submit the details here.  

The board of 100 Good Women reviews all requests and decides if each one is something we can help with.  Then we'll let you know if we're going to take action.

For information about how this works, take a look at the frequently asked questions

We do NOT provide money, payment of rent or utility bills, housing, or jobs.

We DO only accept requests from case workers, social workers, and those that work with the needy in some capacity.  Please go through a referring agency in order to make a request.

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Please note that we only take requests that are referred by a social service agency, social worker, school, or similar entity.
Client information
Please note that this is client information, not agency. Only list agency information if the client is housed there.
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